The fault in the throne…

My acoustic-kit-with-electronic-prosthesis is is working its way into practice with Wormrider, but it’s not ready to take out.
There was ONE particular problem getting the MPC to snuggle into The Slab is that it actually needs to sit higher up to get the headphone, foot-switch, and audio output jacks to clear the lip of the ATA case.


…needs a booster seat!

…so, in my school’s wood-shop, I made a little booster seat.

I started by cutting and fusing some plexiglass plates together…taking care to rout-round, bevel, and sand the edges for smoothness, seen below:


…and here is the finished construction.


Note the cut-ins on the corners to fit the MPCs feet, so it can keep it’s boots on for table-top dancing.


Below we see the front bumper just clears the front face, and leaves the CF-card port and front-panel jacks accessible…


…and gives full clearance for jacks above the lip of the ATA case.


This new Slab-based approach is lighter, more-flexible, more self-contained with the kit.

…acoustic drums armed with dDrum sensors to trigger their song-specific extra sounds. Dauz “bone” pads can be seen attached to 3-o-clock position of rack tom and floor tom rims, and the touch-pad Fx and MPC within reach to drive without dropping a stick.

This had led me to move the system more freely between kits, which has got me started using the MPCs sequencer as a time-ramping metronome for building my speed.

YAY for Over-engineering !